Extra, Extra: NYARC's in the News!

  • Posted on Mar 19, 2010 by

Marketing is always a challenge for libraries. We want people to know about the treasures contained in our collections, the research services we provide, and, most importantly, that we are open for business. But we don't always have the budgets for targeted advertising or the attention of the media to inspire coverage that will reach potential users. That's why we are so excited that the NYARC libraries were featured in an article entitled "Groundbreaking Partnership Unites Decades of Research" in the special museum section of the New York Times on Thursday.

While having our names mentioned in the Times has all of us walking with a spring in our step, what makes us jump for joy is the opportunity that the article has given us to introduce our libraries to the public and let them know that our collections are available for use. Yes, our doors are open for business, please come on in!

Lily Pregill, Project Coordinator & Systems Manager, New York Art Resources Consortium

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