Fellowships and Internships

Samuel H. Kress Fellowship
Generously funded by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, this fellowship provides an emerging librarian with a unique opportunity to learn the operations of three leading art museum libraries, experience hands-on training in the field of public information services, and gain an in-depth understanding of developing digital tools for researchers in the field. The Kress Fellow works at each institution for 8 months, for a total of 24 months in the position. 
Pratt School of Information Graduate Fellowships
As an ongoing collaboration with Pratt Institute’s School of Information, this program places graduate students within the NYARC libraries and archives for two semesters to gain professional-level experience working on a variety of projects ranging from cataloging to digital preservation. Each academic year, one fellowship opportunity is available at the Brooklyn Museum Archives, two fellowship opportunities are available at the Frick Art Reference Library working with the web archiving team for NYARC, and one fellowship opportunity is available at the MoMA library.
M-LEAD Internships
M-LEAD (Museum Library Education and Digitization) was a three-year IMLS-funded grant providing graduate students from Pratt Institute’s School of Information with learning experiences in the NYARC libraries. Depending on individual library needs, interns worked on projects ranging from cataloging to web archiving, with the common goal of training new museum library professionals and increasing access to our shared collections. From Fall 2012-Spring 2015, fifteen talented interns contributed to these efforts, while gaining valuable hands-on experience in an art library setting.