MoMA and Beijing Printer Collaborate on New Artwork

  • Posted on Feb 25, 2010 by

In 2009, The Museum of Modern Art’s Library Council published one of its most important efforts to date: a hand-printed scroll (the ancient "book form" of Asia) by the artist Yun-Fei Ji titled The Three Gorges Dam Migration.  The eight-foot-long image, at first glance resembling a traditional Chinese landscape, depicts the flooded landscapes of the Three Gorges area in contemporary China; it reproduces, in the artist's calligraphy, historic and contemporary accounts of the Yangtze River and the upheaval caused by the construction of the world’s largest dam.

We are thrilled that this work was prominently featured in a recent article on the artist in The New York Times. Stay tuned for more in-depth blogging about the production of this amazing publication.

Milan Hughston, Chief of Library and Museum Archives, The Museum of Modern Art

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