Revenge of the “30 Seconds” Videos

  • Posted on Jun 20, 2010 by

The sequel is a notoriously dicey—though sometimes brilliant—film enterprise, be it Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Empire Strikes Back, or my personal favorite at the age of twelve, The Karate Kid, Part II. After the first round of 30 Seconds videos, in which MoMA staff and members created short videos with filmmaker Thilo Hoffmann, we invited Thilo back late last year. The results are in, and you can now see selected videos by staff and members.

Jennifer Tobias of the MoMA Library made this video about the legacy of these creations.

She said:

"30 Seconds with Thilo was my chance to look at art, museums, and documentation from the point of view of an art librarian or archivist: to see the “art of our time” over a long period of time.

Art can happen in the blink of Marina Abramović’s eye. It is filmed and sketched and discussed in print and the big internet cloud. Which then inspires more art. And more discussion. In other words, art makes documentation which makes more art.

Librarians and archivists know that for this reason, art and its discourse is perceived differently over time. Is Thilo’s project art or documentation? The answer is 'Yes.'"

David Hart, Associate Media Producer, Digital Media, MoMA

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