Unexpected: A Visual Journey

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Explore the treasures of The Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library 2014 staff art exhibition, Unexpected. Move your curser over the images to discover the talented staff of the museum and library.

Jesse Sadia, Cataloging Associate for Auction Sales Catalogs, and Cris Sunwoo, Digital Technician, Frick Art Reference Library


Melanie_Martin Yvette_Edelhart Edgar_Munhall
Beatrice_Thornton Valeria_Kondratiev Lisa_Candage_Goble
Donald_David Jesse_Sadia Scott_Calhoun
Elizabeth_Lane Kylie_Schmitt Amy_Schwarz
Michael_Eby Margot_Werner Julia_Lukacher
George_Koelle Harley_Grieco Eleanor_Chin
Anthony_Noel Felix_Esquivel Charles_Basman
Cris_Sunwoo Chaltin_Pagan Lorenzo_De_Los_Angeles
Don_Swanson Christina_Tsui Logan_Kursh
Banner Image: Christina Tsui. November 4, You Look Well. 2013.

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