The Intern Insider: Perspectives on the Frick Art Reference Library of The Frick Collection Internship Program

  • Posted on Feb 19, 2019 by

Each summer, the Frick Art Reference Library of The Frick Collection opens its doors to a new cohort of interns. They work on projects that contribute to the mission of the museum. Additionally, the interns have the opportunity to tour nearby art museums and libraries, meet esteemed individuals in the New York art world, and learn about the Frick from resident experts. This past summer two interns, Heather Pilmar and Lauren Haberstock, had the opportunity to work within the Book Department of the Library, and they share their experiences in this post. 

The Shape of Things to Come: Archiving the Brooklyn Museum Website

  • Posted on Mar 01, 2016 by

What is a web archive, and what are we archiving when we “archive the web”? What shape will the archive have? When a web archivist looks at the quality of a web capture, they are seeking to capture the functionality and behavior as well as the look and feel of the original site on the day it was archived. Compared to what archivists and librarians are used to cataloging, archiving a website is a relatively abstract concept. A website has numerous moving parts; an archived site is not a static, boxed object, like the archives we are used to.